Your Ultimate Guide to Home Canning

Home canning is a process used by many gardeners to preserve their freshly harvested crops from the garden. The advantage with this method is that your canned foods can last longer, even for years. Other than that, it helps cut down your food expenses and also serve as a reliable food supply for your family in times of emergency.

Now in order to properly can the foods that you want to preserve, you need to learn the different methods first. One type of canning is called hot bath canning. This process is suitable for foods with high acidity such as fruits, pickled vegetables, and sugar preserves. Another type is pressure canning, which goes with foods of low acidity. Examples are unpickled vegetables, meats, and seafood.

To learn more about the different canning methods and what types of food will match them, go ahead and read this special wheel chart below. It will make the entire process much easier to remember!

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