DIY Gardening Project: How to Create a Homemade Sprinkler System

A sprinkler is an amazing gardening tool that you can have. It automates the whole watering process for you, and it does it efficiently as well. But most sprinkler systems cost a lot of money, which for some can be a huge gardening expense.

For those who don’t want to spend too much on an automatic sprinkler, there’s always a do-it-yourself version you can try. For this project, you’ll need a few key items like a plastic bottle, thumbtack, and some tape.

Here’s how to do it: use the thumbtack to pinch holes on the plastic bottle. Make sure the holes are an inch apart. After that, get your hose and tape the end part of it—making some sort of a “plug.” Then insert this plug into the bottle.

Finally, just place the plastic bottle anywhere you want in your garden and then turn on the faucet. Now you have an inexpensive but equally useful sprinkler! To get the easy instructions, please see this quick video below. Feel free to share, tweet and pin it online!

Video Source: DaveHax YouTube Channel