How Far Apart Should You Plant Your Vegetables? Check Out This Plant Spacing Chart Now!

“How far apart do I plant my vegetables?”

Lots of beginner gardeners wonder about this, and it is actually a very good question. After all, you can’t just put your vegetable plants anywhere you want and expect them to grow well.

Plant spacing is so important because vegetables come in different sizes and they all grow differently. Take gourds and tomatoes, for example. The ideal spacing for these vegetables is to plant one seed per square foot. This will give them ample space so they can grow at maximum length.

As you can see, knowing how far apart to plant your veggies will help you maximize your garden space and give your plants enough room to grow. If you don’t apply the correct spacing, you’ll only end up crowding your garden and spend more time and effort in moving your plants.

It’s better to space your vegetables well from the moment you plant them to avoid any mishaps in the future. Refer to this guide now for some tips on proper plant placement.

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Image Source: LittleBlogInTheBurbs.Blogspot.Com