Want to Completely Avoid GMOs in Your Food? Check Out These 3 Tips Now!

Food technology has definitely improved throughout the years, but sadly many pro-GMO companies are using the advancements of this technology for profit-making.

They do it by genetically modifying different fruits and vegetables to make them more immune to pesticides and plant diseases. Then they sell them to the consumers without revealing the negative effects that come with these GMO foods.

Now a lot of scientific studies have shown that genetically-modified foods can put one’s life and health at risk. GMO products can cause allergic reactions, lower mental development in children, and even increase one’s risk of cancer, heart disease and other life-threatening illnesses.

Long-term consumption of GMO products has been proven to be damaging to the body, that’s why several countries have now completely banned them. The United States still has a long way to go, but what’s good is that more and more states are passing initiatives for the banning and proper labeling of GMO goods.

Even though GMOs are still widely available in the country, you can effectively steer clear from them by:

1. Always choosing fresh and organic foods instead of packaged, processed products.

2. Checking the bar code stickers before buying produce to make sure they’re totally organic and GMO-free.

3. Knowing the foods that are often genetically-modified, such as canola oil, corn, cottonseed oil, dairy, soybeans and sugar.

Another good tip to ensure fresh produce is to grow your own heirloom fruits and vegetables at home. This way, your family can eat safe and healthy foods all throughout the year.

To learn more about how to avoid GMOs in your food, go ahead and read this helpful infographic below. Please don’t forget to share, tweet and pin this on your favorite social networks!

Image Source: Daily Pea