Want to Build a Self-Standing Garden Wall? Click Here for the Step-by-Step Instructions

Every avid gardener wants to try a garden wall at some point, but not everyone knows how to make one. Others have already made their own from scratch, but the problem is that the wall often breaks down just in few months. So how do you create a self-standing garden wall that’s sturdy enough to last for years?

First of all, you’ll need some durable materials. Choose high-quality wood that you can use as the basic foundation of your garden wall. Second, get a weed mat to prevent weeds from growing and your help plants stay strong and healthy.

The third type of material you’ll need is a hardware net. This is where you’ll attach or put your plants. And finally, have some movable wheels so you can easily transport your garden wall in case you have to move or if there’s an upcoming disaster.

Check out The Home Depot’s video for the step-by-step instructions and don’t forget to share this with your gardening pals online!

Video Source: The Home Depot YouTube Channel