Vertical Herb Garden: How to Build a Vertical Herb Planter Box

Gardening is truly a diverse hobby because there are lots of creative ways to raise your plants. You can grow them in your backyard, in pots, in raised garden beds, or even in planter boxes.

You’re probably familiar with the first three, but you may be wondering what planter boxes are. Planter boxes are a little bit similar to raised garden beds, but the difference is that planter boxes are much smaller.

Novice gardeners are often advised to start small when it comes to gardening, so vertical planter boxes are definitely a good option if you’re just starting out. But even if you’re an experienced gardener, you can still take advantage of vertical planter boxes especially if you have a limited gardening space at home.

Vertical planter boxes are also perfect for growing small plants like herbs. They easily provide a convenient space for planting, and you can also strategically put them anywhere in your house. You can even put them near your windows for some aesthetic appeal.

Now, there are many types of planter boxes—but the most popular ones are made from wood and plastic. Many of them are readily available in stores, but if you want to cut down your costs, then opt for making one yourself!

This video tutorial will teach you how to build a wooden vertical planter box that you can use for your herb garden. Watch it now and share it on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest today!

Video Source: Stan Sullivan YouTube Channel