2 Easy Ways to Grow Lettuce at Home

Don’t have any idea to what to grow next? One of the best vegetables you can try is the lettuce! Lettuce is widely used in many salads and dishes. It’s also super delicious, easy to grow, and takes up little space that’s why organic gardeners just love planting it.

To get you started with lettuce gardening, here are few things you should know. There are two ways to plant lettuce. One way is called row planting, which has to do with the precise spacing and depth between crops. This method allows your leafy greens to have full room for growth and development.

The other way is called broadcast planting, which is done by simply scattering the seeds on the ground and then covering them with organic soil. One disadvantage to using this method is that it may lead to overcrowding, and diseases could affect all the crops instantly.

Both methods have their own pros and cons, so look into each method properly and follow the one that works best for you. To find out more about lettuce planting, go ahead and read this handy illustration from Fix.com. Growing lettuce might just be the best gardening decision you’ll ever make, so check it out now and share it online!

Image Source: fix.com