How to Identify Bad Insects in the Garden

Sometimes it can be difficult to distinguish between a good bug and a bad one. While good bugs are very beneficial, bad insects can do the exact opposite and wreck havoc to any vegetable garden–therefore causing much frustration to many gardeners.

However, there’s a way to know whether bad bugs are invading your garden. All you need to do is look for some signs and symptoms of damage. These telling signs may vary, but the common ones are chewed leaves, discoloration, distortion, and dieback. Bad insects often leave a signature mark on the damaged leaves of a vegetable plant. This damage will tell you whether that particular bug has a chewing mouthpart or a sucking mouthpart.

Insects with chewing mouthparts, such as beetles, tend to eat only the leaves. On the other hand, insects with sucking mouthparts like to absorb fluids coming from the plants.

It may be difficult to identify bad insects at first, but eventually you’ll be able to master this skill and learn how to protect your vegetables properly. For more details on this topic, please watch this informative video below.

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Video Source: Sweet Iris Farm Youtube Channel