How to Make a Simple Raised Garden Bed

Gardening has many techniques to suit every gardener’s needs. Want to do the most traditional method? There’s in-ground gardening wherein you just simply plant your seeds and seedlings directly into the ground.

Living in the city with a limited space? Try container gardening! Growing plants in pots will help you maximize your small gardening space and also allow you to transport your plants more easily.

Looking for a technique that has better drainage and gives you more control of your garden? Then raised bed gardening is perfect for you! It allows you to choose the specific locations you want for your garden beds, pick the right type of soil for your plants, lessen weed growth, as well as reduce knee and back pain since the beds themselves are conveniently elevated.

Raised bed gardening is also more efficient in drainage compared to other methods. It helps your soil to drain better and grow much healthier plants. The soil also warms up better in garden beds than in the ground.

Raised bed gardening has lots of pros, but there are some cons as well. For instance, creating a raised garden bed can be more expensive than traditional in-ground gardening. And since it drains efficiently, it takes a bit more time to water the plants. However, the benefits most definitely outweigh the cons so many gardeners still prefer this method.

If you’re interested in having a raised garden and building your own beds, here’s a 5-minute video that will help you get started. Please don’t forget to share this post on your favorite social networks today!

Video Source: OneYardRevolution YouTube Channel