Wanna Know the Easiest Way to Peel & Cut a Squash? Read This Now!

Having trouble with peeling and cutting squash? It can be quite challenging, but there’s actually a super simple way to do it! Here’s how:

First and foremost, wash the squash thoroughly and prepare a good cutting knife. Now, begin by cutting off the hard stem located on the top of the squash.

Next, use a peeler or a knife to peel off the skin. Don’t forget to peel it very thinly.

After that, lay down the squash and cut it horizontally. Take the first half and put it in a standing position. Now, cut it vertically this time so you can remove the seeds (you may save and store the seeds for gardening). Do the same procedure with the other half.

Lastly, slice squash into cube or stick pieces depending on how you want to cook them.

For the visual instructions, just follow Jennifer’s practical guide below and you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite squash dishes in no time. Feel free to like and share this blog post with your friends online!

Image Source: Jennifer’s Kitchen