Gardening Disasters: How to Prevent Them and Keep Your Garden Safe

Disasters, such as extreme weather conditions, can be very frustrating and disappointing to experience especially when you’ve put so much effort in growing your garden. But they’re already part of risk the moment you started gardening.

So what can you do to avoid these garden disasters? A good tip is to first study the weather in your city. Most vegetables grow best during a particular month or season, but not all of them may be applicable in your area. So you either have to plant ahead of time or later after the frost has gone.

Another thing you can do is to stop planting too many crops. There’s a high probability that they will die completely in just a few days due to insects, parasites, and even harsh weather. To keep your efforts and your crops from going to waste, some growers suggest planting them in succession—one set of crops at a time.

Lastly, secure and fix your garden shed for broken shelves or cracks on the walls. This way, you can use your shed as a safe place to keep your potted plants during a heavy storm.

Remember that even a strong wind can put your plants in danger. Once it happens, it could damage your garden and plant recovery may not always be possible. So it’s best to research on how to protect your plants from these unfortunate situations.

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Video Source: GrowVeg Youtube Channel