How to Sharpen Your Pruners & Other Garden Tools for Better Performance

Throughout the course of your gardening endeavors, the garden tools that you use will naturally become dirty, muddied, or even broken. Like anything else, you need to take care of your equipment.

To increase the longevity of these tools, it’s advisable to wash them after use and then spray some vegetable oil from time to time to make them look like brand new!

The wooden handles of your rakes and shovels need to be cleaned, too. Use sand paper to smooth them up, then spray and rub some oil-based sprays to keep them all clean-looking and good as new. The same thing goes for your pruners. They should be gently be sharpened so you can have an easier time pruning your plants.

More tips on how to sharpen your tools are in this video from GrowOrganic Peaceful Valley.

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Video Source: GrowOrganic Peaceful Valley YouTube Channel