How to Start Seeds in Winter for Your Spring Garden

It is an undeniable fact that winter is the most dreadful season for gardeners. The raised beds are sleeping, the garden tools are set aside—leaving you with no choice but to wait for spring to come.

The longing for spring is almost unbearable, but luckily there is still something worthwhile to preoccupy the impatient gardener.

Winter is actually the perfect time to start seeds indoors. Many gardeners focus their attention on seed starting during the winter months, especially since this is the first step to a successful garden.

Seeds grown indoors are not only known to produce stronger and healthier plants but they also reduce the time it takes for the plants to mature, allowing you to harvest much earlier in the season.

So if you haven’t tried starting seeds in winter yet, then this is the best time to do so! Read this complete guide below to learn the best seeds to start, the various types of seeds to use, as well as how to harden off your seedlings. Try it and you will find that starting seeds will make a difference in your spring garden this year!

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