7 Ultimate Tips to Storing Your Harvested Produce

Storing fresh vegetables can be tiring at times because they can’t seem to last longer than you expect them to. But don’t get yourself too stressed about it! There are some simple techniques that will help you store your harvested produce all throughout the year.

The first technique is to think one season ahead and plant more longer-lasting crops. Proper planning is important so you can always grow vegetables that are ideal for long-term storage.

The second tip is to avoid washing your produce. Washing your harvested crops will actually shorten their shelf life, so it’s best to just keep ’em dirty until you’re ready to use them.

Another good tip is to regularly inspect your stored produce for any signs of rot. Discard any rotting produce immediately so they won’t affect the other crops in storage.

Lastly, use brown paper bags, baskets, aluminum foil, and plastic bags with holes to keep your fruits and veggies fresher for longer.

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Image Source: Fix.com