Vegetable Storage Guide: How to Store Your Veggies & Detect Spoilage Signs

Want your garden vegetables to stay fresher for longer? Different vegetables have different storage techniques, and it’s good to know them so you can maximize the shelf lives of your foods. Applying the correct storage tips will not only keep your veggies edible but also prevent premature spoilage and waste.

Now when it comes to vegetable spoilage, there are certain signs to look for. Mold growth is a common tell, but inspecting the flesh is another effective method. Once the flesh of  your vegetables turn green, mushy, soft, or slimy, then they’re already starting to spoil. They won’t be good for cooking anymore but you can always add them to your compost pile instead of just throwing them away.

To learn more about shelf lives, spoilage signs and storage tips for your organic vegetables, please refer to this guide attached below. You may also share it by clicking the social buttons on this page.

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