5 Awesome Benefits to Gain from Hydroponic Gardening

Hydroponics may not yet be as prevalent as other gardening methods, but more gardeners are now starting to realize its efficiency in growing organic plants. Even if it only uses water, plants can still reach their full potential without problems.

So what are some of the benefits that hydroponic gardening offers? First of all, it brings in more yields compared to vegetables grown in soil. This can be a great advantage for gardeners who want to grow food for health and emergency purposes.

Secondly, hydroponics makes it simpler to monitor the condition of your plants. Controlling the required pH levels, nutrients and minerals that your vegetables need is a lot easier with this method.

Another great benefit is the reduced risk of attracting pests and plant diseases. Soil is often necessary for garden bugs and diseases to appear, but since a hydroponic garden is completely water-based, you won’t have to deal with these common gardening problems.

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Top 5 Great Benefits to Acquire from Hydroponic Gardening 

1. The growth rate of plants in a hydroponic garden are 30-50 times faster than plants that grow in soil. Scientists attribute the higher plant yield to the additional oxygen provided by the mediums used in hydroponics which is crucial to root growth and development.

2. Measuring the pH levels of the nutrients will be much easier to manage through a hydroponic garden than with soil. It also becomes easier to maintain the desired nutrient status, and presents a cleaner, easier way to manage your garden.

3. There is a significant decrease in pests and disease, which the soil usually attracts. A hydroponic garden is usually placed indoors as well, which is another contributing factor to this advantage.

4. Growing your own hydroponic garden also means that you can totally eliminate the use of herbicides and pesticides, which is beneficial to the environment and ensures that the vegetable plants grown are healthier, loaded with nutrients, and don’t have toxins or chemicals.

5. Plants grown in a hydroponic garden will be healthier and more immune to diseases and parasites. This is attributed to the controlled environment and controlled lighting involved in a hydroponic garden.

Article Source: thegardencentral.com
Image Source: rosebud_magazine