January Produce in Season: Top 12 Produce to Get This Month

Different produce have different growing conditions, and they taste best during a particular season. You’ll definitely want to get them during their peak seasons so you can truly enjoy them. So what fruits and vegetables are in season for the month of January?

If you’re having a family dinner this weekend, you may want to cook beets and Brussels sprouts as part of the main and side dishes. They’re enormously delicious when roasted because their crispiness and sweet taste naturally come out once you eat them. Don’t forget to fry some sliced potatoes as well! They’re perfect for appetizers.

If what you have in mind is pasta, you can try using some winter squash for a change. This way, you can serve your pasta dishes with a whole new flavor for everyone! Just make sure to put herbs and seasonings for greater taste.

Those mentioned are some of the produce that are in season this January. Check out the illustration shown below for more examples and don’t forget to share it on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!

Image Source: cookieandkate.com