This Simple Trick Will Keep Your Garden Tools from Rusting – READ THIS NOW!

Most gardeners prefer using garden tools that are made from metal because they’re very solid and less likely to break. It definitely makes gardening so much easier and quicker to do. However, there’s one big disadvantage to metal-made tools—and that is rusting.

Like most things, they also get rusty as time goes by. Once rust has affected your tools, you’ll need to buy new ones—which is really unfortunate because you expected those tools to last much longer and now you’re paying for a new set.

To avoid this kind of situation, you need to find ways to keep your garden tools from rusting. One effective method is to bury them in some builder’s sand so that oxygen and moisture can’t easily penetrate them. Using sand mixed with lubricating oil works as well. Try this tip one of these days and you’ll see just how effective it is.

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Image Source: Dump A Day