Top 9 Leafy Greens and Their Awesome Health Benefits

Did you know that eating leafy greens offers several health benefits? Leafy greens aren’t just your ordinary vegetables; they’re actually loaded with lots of nutrients that can shield your body from various illnesses.

For example, arugula, collard greens, and Swiss chard are popular choices for boosting up the immune system. They can guard you from common sicknesses such as colds and fever and also helps prevent anemia and osteoporosis.

For those with heart problems, then iceberg lettuce, mustard greens, romaine lettuce, and spinach are highly recommended. They’re good at lowering bad cholesterol levels and reducing the risk for heart disease.

Lastly, kale and turnip greens are great at reducing the risk of cancer. These two veggies can easily boost up the body’s immune defenses and prevent blood clots. They’re also beneficial for the eyes and bones.

So if you’re looking for a natural way to prevent diseases and keep your body healthy, then be sure to eat more leafy greens starting from today. The more you eat these vegetables, the more you’ll be able to experience their awesome benefits!

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