LED vs HPS Grow Lights: Which is Better for Indoor Gardening?

Are your indoor plants growing very well? If they aren’t and you don’t know why, then that’s probably because of the light you’re using. Plants differ in terms of shade requirements, so it’s important to know the most recommended type of light to use for indoor gardening.

Many gardeners agree that low light temperatures help plants achieve their optimal growth just in time. High light temperatures, on the other hand, may only cause plants to struggle for survival. However, this could also depend on the level of temperature that your plants can tolerate.

Most gardeners disregard using HPS grow lights because they’re really bad for indoor plants. LED lights are the preferred choice instead because indoor plants grow optimally at temperatures between 70 to 75°F.

For more details about optimal growth temperatures, simply read this quick infographic below. Feel free to share it online by clicking the social buttons now!

Image Source: Pinterest.com