Potato Planting Tips: How to Grow Your Own Organic Potatoes

Love potatoes? They always taste best when they’re fresh and organic. Sadly, the potatoes you can buy in the supermarket are not always certified organic. Most of them may probably be genetically-modified, which is even more dangerous to eat.

So what should you do to make sure you’re eating the right type of potatoes? The surest way to confirm the freshness and safety of your potatoes is to grow them organically at home. Not only is this method more ideal for your health but it’s also cheaper since you won’t need to buy potatoes when you have them right in your garden.

Another advantage to growing organic potatoes is you can choose which varieties to plant. You won’t need to go from one market to another anymore just to find the specific variety that you want.

As you can see, planting potatoes is very beneficial but you’ll need some prior knowledge so you can grow them properly. To discover the top tips to growing the best organic potatoes, go ahead and watch this video below.

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Video Source: GrowOrganic Peaceful Valley YouTube Channel