Plant a Raised Vegetable Garden in 3 Easy Steps

Planting a vegetable garden using a raised bed is one of the most efficient gardening methods, especially for beginners. Because of their smaller size, raised beds (a.k.a. garden boxes) are quick to build and easy to maintain. They can also minimize back strain and save a good amount of space—making it ideal for urban gardeners with a limited garden area.

Raised beds can be placed anywhere in your backyard as long as there’s direct sunlight. Once you have that, you can grow a variety of tasty organic veggies such as tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers, lettuce, peas, carrots and onions.

Better drainage is also another benefit to planting in garden boxes. Proper drainage is important in order to reduce erosion and compaction in your garden soil. Raised beds have warmer soil as well, which allows many gardeners to start growing earlier in the season and produce healthier crops.

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