Should You Buy Vegetable Seeds or Transplants? Click Here to Find Out More!

One of the most frequently asked questions by novice gardeners is whether to use seeds or transplants. Well, the simplest answer is that it depends on your current circumstances.

Transplants are ideal if you started late during the growing season. They can help you save time and catch up with the season instead of waiting for your organic seeds to germinate. Starter plants are also great if your seeds have a low germination rate. Rather than wonder when the slow-germinating seeds will ever mature, you can just transplant the seedlings outdoors so they can grow better.

Seeds, on the other hand, are highly recommended if you’re looking to reduce your gardening costs. Organic seeds are much less expensive than transplants, so you can really save a lot of money and grow more varieties just by buying a quality seed pack. Sowing seeds also gives you more control over the type of seeds you’re planting. This is especially important if you’re particular about using non-GMO, non-hybrid, open-pollinated, organic heirloom seeds.

So in summary, use transplants if you don’t mind the extra costs and have no time to germinate—but use seeds if you’re looking to spend less but want to enjoy more vegetable varieties. Consider your produce needs and gardening budget when deciding whether to sow or transplant, and remember that some vegetable varieties grow better when directly sown while others are more successful as starter plants.

To know more about these two techniques, go ahead and watch this informative video from Victory Gardens.

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Video Source: Victory Garden YouTube Channel