12 Easy Plants to Grow in Your Container Garden

Living in a congested urban city with little outdoor space seems like an obstacle to gardening, but we have two words for you: container gardening.

Yes, this gardening style is the ultimate solution for those of us who want to grow our own food but are unfortunately confined to tiny apartments!

Some might be skeptical: can you really grow vegetables with such limited space? But give it a try and you’ll be amazed at the bounty of food you can actually harvest with just a few pots in your balcony. What’s awesome about container gardening is that (1) anyone can do it; (2) the plants are less prone to pests and diseases, and therefore easier to maintain; (3) and the costs are minimal.

The main things you need are just some inexpensive containers, good soil, a sunny location, and some high-quality seeds. So if you’re all set, go ahead and start with this list of 12 easy plants to grow. They are the ideal fruits and veggies to have in any container garden, especially if you’re just starting out. Read below for more details!

What Can You Grow in a Container Garden?

You may think that container gardening couldn’t actually amount to much. Well, I’m here to tell you that if you think that, then you’ve got it all wrong. You can grow a variety of vegetables in containers. Keep in mind that you can actually purchase some seeds that are meant for containers. That could make container gardening a little easier if you are new to the idea.

So here are a few items you can grow in containers:

1. Corn
I know, the first time I saw corn growing in a container I had to do a double-take. But it actually can work. Here is a great resource to help you figure out how to grow corn in your container garden. And I was pleased with how pretty corn looks when grown in a container. You could easily place it on your front porch or balcony for a little décor as well as food.

2. Tomatoes
Growing tomatoes in a container is a piece of cake. I find that my tomatoes do a little better in a container because I tend to baby them more. So every year we plant large amounts of red tomatoes in our garden. However, I love yellow tomatoes so I usually plant a few of those in containers so I can enjoy them and save a few for canning as well.

3. Strawberries
I actually grow my strawberries in containers every year. My strawberries are planted around an old tree stump of a tree that was a widow maker. So we cut some old plastic barrels in half, filled them with dirt, and planted our strawberries in them. They come back larger and larger every year.

4. Fruit Trees
This is how I began getting up the nerve to have an orchard. I had read and heard all of these things about fruit trees, and I knew I wanted them but it was intimidating to me. So we went to Florida one year, and I bought small orange and lemon trees from a gift shop. Then brought them home and raised them in containers. That is how my orchard was born… in a container.

5. Green Beans
Green beans can actually be easily grown in a container. You’ll need to go with a bush bean in order for it to work very well (in my experience) because then they just bush out instead of run everywhere. However, if you like runners better than bush varieties, I’m sure you could put a small trellis in the pot to give them something to run on.

6. Squash
Squash is another one that would probably need a small trellis inserted in the container in order for them to have a place to grow up on to. However, squash is a pretty simple vegetable to grow and it also has many different varieties to choose from.

7. Melons
Melons are another option that you may not consider right off the bat when thinking of container gardening. But they, too, can be grown in a container with a trellis. Here is a resource to help you grow them in your container garden.

8. Carrots
I prefer growing carrots in a container. I think it is easier because it is simple to make sure that the dirt stays loose. However, I grow mine in large pots so they have plenty of room to grow. Just remember to thin the carrots out when they begin to sprout and make sure they are being grown in a large enough (and deep enough) container.

9. Potatoes
Potatoes are another one that I have found to grow rather easily in a container. We still usually plant most of our potatoes in the ground so we can get more of a harvest. But if you aren’t trying to feed 5 people year round from your garden, then you may be able to use one of these options to grow your potatoes in a container.

10. Onions
Onions are another one that may actually be easier to grow in a container because you can move them around as needed. Actually, I usually have better luck with my onions in containers as well because then I can place them wherever needed to keep my chickens away from them!

11. Garlic
Garlic is another one that can be grown in containers. It takes a while to grow so planting them in containers may make it easier to find a location to grow them in. Plus, I have an easier time keeping my chickens out of my garlic using this method as well.

12. Peppers
I grow some peppers in containers every year. We have a row in our large garden for regular bell peppers and a row for hot peppers. But I like to grow a variety of colors in peppers too. So I plant my colored peppers in containers so I can enjoy them and baby them a little too.

Article Source: MorningChores.com