10 Practical Tips for a Pesticide-Free Garden

Most gardeners want their organic garden to be successful as much as possible. But what are the reasons that hinder gardeners from succeeding in gardening? There are several possible factors to consider, and bad garden pests are one of those.

Because bad pests can be detrimental to plants, many gardeners just want to eliminate them immediately by using pesticides. While pesticides can offer a quick solution, this is not advisable because they do more harm than good. They’re not only extremely toxic to your garden but to your health as well, that’s why it’s not recommended.

So how can you effectively protect your plants without the use of harmful pesticides? Well, your safest bet is applying some natural pest control techniques.

This awesome infographic below offers 10 practical tips that will help you maintain a pesticide-free garden. Check it out now and share it on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest today!


Image Source: home-improvementservices.blogspot.com