Winter Gardening Tips: How to Prep Your Lawn & Garden for the Upcoming Winter

Now that winter is just a month away, it’s time to prep your yard and garden once again!

Winter is known as the toughest season especially when it comes to gardening, so starting your preparations beforehand can effectively protect both your yard and vegetable garden against the harsh elements.

You need to do this before the cold weather sets in, otherwise you won’t be able to completely winterize your lawn and garden. Failing to winterize properly can easily put your plants at risk—and you surely don’t want that to happen!

Getting the job done early on is a smart move because it’ll give you much less work to do for the upcoming spring. This is exactly why more and more growers are making lots of winter gardening preparations these days.

So what are you waiting for? Begin winterizing your garden now so you’ll be for the next growing season when spring finally comes! Use the following infographic to get you started.

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