Not Sure What to Compost? This Quick Compost List Will Guide You

Garden vegetables need nutrients like carbon and nitrogen in order to thrive. These two nutrients can be found in many ordinary items, and you can make those items useful by turning them into an organic compost for your soil.

Nitrogen is present in several “green” materials such as eggshells, food scraps and fresh grass clippings. Meanwhile, carbon can be seen in “brown” materials like dry grass, sawdust and straw. These greens and browns are what you need for proper composting.

However, there are certain materials that should not be added to your compost pile. Charcoal ash, dairy products, pet waste, and plants treated with pesticide are a no-no. They’re a huge threat to the health of your plants and soil, so you should avoid composting them no matter what.

For the full list of materials that you should and should not compost, refer to this infographic below. Feel free to share this information with your fellow gardeners online!

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