Want to Know the Quickest & Easiest Way to Dry Herbs? Check Out This Video Now!

Drying is one of the easiest food preservation methods out there. This process is usually done to preserve fruits and vegetables, but it is applicable to herbs as well. If you’re planning to do this, air-drying your herbs indoors is the technique that’s most recommended by experts because it’s cheaper and easier to do.

Herbs with low moisture content such as oregano, sage, and thyme are great for indoor air-drying. The method is done by tying the stems together and hanging them upside down. It’s best to put them in a warm and dry spot, but remember to keep them away from sunlight.

On the other hand, herbs with high moisture content like mint, tarragon, and basil are ideal for the oven-drying method. The first step is to spread the herbs evenly on a tray and then put them in your oven. Next, set the oven at lowest setting, approximately 100°F. Lastly, rearrange the herbs from time to time until they become crispy.

Once all the herbs are perfectly dry, you can store them in bottles with super-tight lids for future use. Check out Planet Natural‘s 2-minute video for more details.

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Video Source: Planet Natural YouTube Channel