Top 10 Reasons Why Consumers Should Buy Produce Locally

Over the years, many GMO companies have been taking advantage of genetic engineering to create crops that are more resistant to pesticides and diseases, yet dangerous to the health.

To keep yourself and your family safe from GMO foods, you must start buying vegetables and fruit crops locally. Locally-grown crops are cultivated in the most organic way possible: no genetic alterations or toxic substances were used to produce them. They are simply grown naturally to make them safer for consumption.

Because locally-grown crops are organic, they’re not just good for the body but for the environment as well. When you buy local, you’re actually helping reduce the use of chemical pesticides in food and make the planet much safer for animals and plants to live in.

Now that you know the benefits of buying locally, give it a try today and start getting all your produce from your local farmers’ market. This way, you can protect your family from GMOs and eat much fresher and tastier produce at home!

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