6 Great Tips on How to Save More Time in the Garden

As much as you want to garden, it may not always be possible to do so especially in today’s busy world. But if you really love gardening, there’s always a way to enjoy your favorite hobby despite the time constraints!

Here are some essential tips that will allow you to save time and garden more efficiently:

First of all, only grow vegetables that are easy to maintain. Planting low-maintenance crops requires a short amount of time and attention, therefore leaving you more time to do other things.

Another suggestion is to place all your container plants in one area. This way, you can quickly check your vegetable garden’s condition without consuming too much time and energy.

The third tip is to organize all your garden tools in a storage container so you don’t have to look for them every single time you need them.

So those are some of the easiest ways to maximize your time and effort in the garden. For more time-saving suggestions, just refer to the following list from VeggieGardener.com. Don’t forget to click the share buttons below! 

6 Great Tips on How to Save More Time in the Garden

1. Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew
A huge vegetable garden filled with vegetables, fruits and flowers may be your dream, but take into account that the larger the vegetable garden the more maintenance it will require. Try not to grow a vegetable garden that takes up more time than you can commit.

2. Save Time By Using Brightly Colored Tools
Purchase hand garden tools with brightly colored handles. This can save you a ton of time looking for them while working in the vegetable garden.

3. Place Similar Containers Together
If you use containers for your gardening, try to place them all in one location. Your containers will be much easier to maintain with them place in the same general area.

4. Work Smarter, Not Harder
Use ergonomically designed tools, knee pads, or a cart when working in the vegetable garden. This will lessen the strain on muscles and joints. Keeping your body pain-free will mean you will work much more efficiently in the vegetable garden.

5. Choose Varieties with Less Maintenance
Choose vegetable varieties that need less maintenance. Green beans, tomatoes, garden peas, and summer squash are a few varieties that require little maintenance throughout the season. Growing varieties that require low maintenance can save a bundle of time in the long run.

6. Use Square Foot Gardening
Square Foot Gardening is a growing technique that allows you to grow more vegetables in less space. Using this technique can save you valuable time because there’s almost no weeding, and watering is almost effortless.

7. Locate The Vegetable Garden In a Convenient Location
Plant vegetables or flowers in a location that is easily accessible. The easier the vegetable garden is to access, the more time you will save when watering, weeding and harvesting.

Article Source: veggiegardener.com