The World’s Soils are in Great Danger! Help Save Our Soils Now

For many organic farmers and gardeners, soil is a valuable treasure that allows them to grow healthy and sustainable food. Without it, it would be impossible to have all the delicious fruits and vegetables that we’re enjoying today.

Soil is the most basic foundation of any farm or garden. It’s instrumental in giving crops all the necessary nutrients and minerals they need for their development. But in today’s generation, soils are slowly getting destroyed and degraded due to global warming, expanding cities, and pesticide usage.

So what can people do to help restabilize the world’s soil condition?

One way is to recycle your kitchen scraps to make organic compost. Composting enhances and nurtures the soil’s structure, so it’s definitely a smart and inexpensive solution. Another method is to stop the use of pesticides and other dangerous substances in gardening because it doesn’t only affect plants and soils, but people’s health as well.

By composting and applying organic gardening techniques, you can help save our soils. To learn more about this important matter, please read this infographic from the Food and Agriculture Organization. Click the social buttons below to share this on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!


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