Seasonal Produce Guide: When to Buy Produce at Your Farmers’ Market

Your local farmers’ market is undoubtedly the top source when it comes to fresh produce. However, the specific fruits and vegetables you want may not always be available at the moment. Of course you can get them at other stores, but they won’t be as fresh, organic and inexpensive as the locally-grown ones.

The best way to get fresh produce at much cheaper prices is to buy them during their peak seasons. Take apples, for example. Apple’s peak season is from August until November. This means that the taste and quality is superb and the price is much cheaper since there’s plenty of supply during this time. But when those months are over, the apples will go back to their original price again and they won’t taste as great.

This is why buying in season is beneficial so you can take advantage of the cheaper costs and better tastes. To help you determine the best times to buy your produce, simply follow this seasonal guide below. Share this with your friends by posting this infographic on Facebook and Twitter today!

Image Source: POPSUGAR Fitness