Love Growing Trees? Here’s a Basic Guide to Planting Trees Seasonally

Sometimes trees don’t survive for very long due to lack of water, extreme weather conditions, and incompatibility with the temperature climate in your area. So if you’re planning to plant trees this year, there are some things you need to consider. 

First of all, bear in mind that not all trees grow at the same place and time. One tree may grow in a specific area during a specific season, while others don’t.

For spring months, plant trees ahead of time so they can be ready for the heat in summer. Place them far enough from your house to give a decent space for roots to grow.

Summer is a super hot season, so it’s best to plant late in the summer months so your trees don’t have to deal with the warm climate. Summer is also the best time to make your trees grow stronger in preparation for the cold winter months.

Fall is considered the most ideal time to plant your trees and shrubs. This is because the soil stays warm even when the air starts to cool off. Just water your trees regularly and trim the leaves and branches.

When planting during wintertime, it’s best to wait until late winter months after the cold ground has melted. Remember to plant trees that are very adaptable or able to grow in colder temperatures.

For more tips on seasonal tree planting, just refer to this illustration below. Feel free to share it on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest today!

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