6 Practical Tips When Selecting Gardening Tools

When choosing garden tools, you need to consider the specific function of each tool above anything else since that’s what you’ll be using it for. To help you select the right gardening instruments, here are some handy tips to keep in mind:

If you want to dig down into the soil, you should use a spading fork. Choose one that has a shorter handle and wider tines so you can easily dig into any hard soil and break the ground.

Next is the round-ended shovel. It is well-known for digging larger holes for growing trees and shrubs. If you’re into planting trees and shrubs, then this type of shovel is what you need.

Lastly, the shears. This tool is commonly used to trim and prune plants. It can also be useful in removing foliage and as well as shaping plants around your house. Choose shears that fits well for easy handling.

Remember that a gardener would be nothing without their tools, so be sure to familiarize yourself with the different gardening instructions and their respective functions. Soon, you’ll have a reliable tool collection that will keep your garden in top shape.

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6 Best Practical Tips When Selecting Gardening Tools

1. A spading fork is basically the first tool that you will need select. It must have a shorter handle and should have wider tines. It should also be able to dig down into the hard soil and be able to break the ground as well.

2. Another thing that you need to choose is a hoe. A hoe is used to weed and cultivate the surface of the soil to allow or water and nutrients to penetrate. Thus it must be able to pursue this purpose and should be strong and flexible enough for this.

3. A watering can is the next thing that you will need to select. A watering can must have a long nozzle so that the water comes out at a gentle rate. It should be able to reach longer distances and should also have a detachable spray head.

4. A round ended shovel is the next thing that you need. It is useful for larger digging projects and should be strong enough for planting shrubs and trees.

5. Another thing that you will need to get is a pair of garden shears. The shears must be able to fit into your hands and should be able to come in use for pruning, removing foliage and shaping.

6. A good bow rake is also something that you will need to buy. It must have short tines on one of its side which is attached to a bow or a metal frame. It must be able to level the soil before planting and after it has been turned.

Article Source: thegardencentral.com