Want to Know the Simplest Way to Check If Your Soil is Healthy? Find Out Here!

Having good soil must be your very first priority if you’re planning to grow an organic vegetable garden. Without the right soil, your crops will simply not grow to their full potential, and all your gardening efforts will only go to waste.

This is why checking your soil’s health is critical. You need to know if’s in the best condition before you begin planting. But how do you go through this process?

The simplest way to know if your soil is in top shape is to look at the worms in it. Worms play an essential role in the growing stages of plants. They break down various organic materials, which is important for decomposition. Through this process, key nutrients like nitrogen is released—resulting in healthier and more vigorous plants.

Furthermore, worms also help in the soil structure. They make pathways that allow water to fully reach the plant’s root tips. So the more worms you have, the healthier your soil is. Watch John Kohler’s video below as he discusses this interesting topic.

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Video Source: Learn Organic Gardening at GrowingYourGreens