7 Easy Solutions to Worm Bin Problems

Having trouble with worm composting? Don’t worry, you can solve this problem with a few simple tricks! Check out these common worm bin problems below and follow their recommended solutions:

Does your worm bin smell really bad? Try draining the excess liquid and covering the food scraps with more bedding for a quick fix.

If your worm compost is too wet, then your bin probably doesn’t have enough holes for drainage and air ventilation. Just add more holes and mix it with some dry bedding to help your compost achieve a moderate amount of moistness.

Fruit flies are another frequent problem when it comes to worm composting. To get rid of them effectively, avoid overfeeding your worms and build a fruit fly trap to lessen the exposure of food scraps.

So these are the common worm bin issues that you’ll have to deal with, but with the help of these easy solutions, so should be able to resolve them in no time. More tips can be found in the infographic below, so be sure to read and share it with your online friends today!


Image Source: wormcompostinghq.com