Start an Urban Container Garden in 8 Simple Steps

Most people think it’s difficult to start a garden when you live in an urban area, but it’s actually very possible even when you have a small space. Since there’s no appropriate lot for planting, the alternative way is to use containers such as pots and tin cans.

Container gardening is easy and requires less space, so it’s perfect for urban dwellers who want to have a simple edible garden at home.

The process is basically the same as planting in an actual garden, but in this case, you only have to use containers. Before you get started, decide first on whether you want an indoor or outdoor garden. Windowsills, LED grow lights, and sunny areas inside your home are good places for indoor gardening, while the balcony, doorstep, patio and rooftop are perfect for outdoor spots.

Next, get your tools and other gardening essentials like organic seeds, soil, compost, water, and of course, your planters. Remember to use organic materials for your container garden so you can get more tasteful and nutritious crops.

Once everything is ready, you can begin planting and sprouting your seeds indoors. You can then transfer them to a bigger container after 4-8 weeks of germination. You should also add some good fertilizer to your plants to help them grow well.

As your plants are growing, inspect them for unwanted pests and potential diseases by looking at the leaves, stems and skin. Do this regularly so you can contain the damage and stop the bugs and diseases from spreading to the other plants.

After a certain period, your vegetables should be ready for picking. Be sure to harvest them at their peak of maturity so you can get the best possible flavors from your homegrown veggies.

For more details about urban container gardening, please refer to this guide and follow the 8 steps instructed below. Feel free to share this infographic on your favorite social networks today!

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