20 Good Reasons to Start Saving Seeds This Year

In the world of gardening and sustainability, one of the most essential goals is to properly preserve seeds. By saving seeds, you’re helping organic seeds like heirlooms to retain their original form—from the natural taste and texture, to the amazing flavors and varieties.

Heirloom seeds belong to the few remaining types of seeds that are completely organic and safe for consumption, and it’s important to preserve their qualities so we can continue to grow the freshest and healthiest produce at home.

Saving your own seeds will also ensure a good seed supply for the succeeding growing seasons. This will allow you to save money on seed packs and have more to spend on other things.

Sustainability is a good reason to begin seed saving as well. This practice will not only make you more self-reliant, but also more environmentally responsible. The mere act of saving seeds from your best harvests is a great way to protect our natural pollinators and the environment in general.

If you’re not still convinced, here are more reasons why you should get into seed saving this year. Read on below and don’t forget to share this information on your favorite social networks today!

20 Good Reasons to Start Saving Seeds This Year

1. Increase your self-reliance.

2. Become closer to nature.

3. Spread knowledge.

4. Appreciate the change of the seasons.

5. Adapt varieties to your local climate.

6. Explore food history.

7. Help protect and preserve pollinators.

8. Experience bounty. Saving seeds leads you into a world of other passionate gardeners and a whole universe of diverse crops.

9. Create memories.

10. Appreciate the beauty of plants’ life cycles.

11. Share stories.

12. Preserve biodiversity. There is inherent value in all of the seeds we work to protect.

13. Give power to local food systems.

14. Have the ability to breed your own varieties.

15. Take control of your food.

16. Appreciate the resilience of nature.

17. Try something new.

18. Cook with new ingredients.

19. Inspire wonder

20. Participate in a community. Become a part of a community seed library or a local garden club.

Article Source: blog.seedsavers.org