How to Start Your Own Vermicompost

Vermicomposting is an effective composting method that many home gardeners have started to adopt. In contrast to the traditional way of composting, vermicomposting uses worms to double the speed of breaking down the organic materials—resulting in a more balanced compost.

If you are planning to start your own vermicompost, then use any of these worms for your bin: brandling worms, European nightcrawlers, or red worms. These worms work best when the temperature is between 55°F to 75°F. Just make sure to not give them too much food, and not feed them fresh manure, dairy products, meat, and spices like garlic and onions. Furthermore, keep in mind that your vermicompost bin must stay moist all the time so the worms can produce a rich liquid fertilizer.

You can learn more about vermicomposting by watching this very informative video made by GrowOrganic Peaceful Valley. Don’t forget to share this post in your favorite social networks today!

Video Source: GrowOrganic Peaceful Valley