Keep Your Plants Hydrated With This Super-Absorbent Super-Soil Made from Diapers (Yes, Diapers!)

Gardening hacks are all over the internet these days, and they have made gardening so much easier for many people. One good example of a gardening trick is to use ordinary diapers for growing your plants. Yes, we know it sounds kinda weird but let us explain!

As you know, diapers can hold up a significant amount of liquid just like what you see on the commercials. They’re also rich in fiber, which makes them great for gardening purposes.

To do this diaper gardening hack right, you’ll need to pour around 4 cups of water on a new diaper. Once the diaper has absorbed the liquid, simply put the contents into a bowl, add a bit more water, then mix everything together. You should now have a non-toxic, super-absorbent gel that you can add to your soil to form a “hydro-soil” of sorts.

What this hydro-soil does is it keeps your plants well-hydrated. Your garden plants can now go twice as long between waterings and you won’t have to constantly monitor their water supply anymore. Isn’t that awesome? This is definitely a useful gardening hack to learn!

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Video Source: Grant Thompson – The King of Random