Ultimate Time-Saving Tips for Gardeners – Part 1

Gardening is one of the most enjoyable pastimes out there, but sometimes we simply just don’t have enough time for it no matter how hard we try. But just because there are time constraints doesn’t mean you should give up.

Gardening, after all, is a continuous growing process and your garden will require regular supervision if you want it to be a success.

So if you ever find yourself short of time, the best thing you can do is use some time-saving gardening tips. This way, you can still tend to your beloved garden and complete your chores more efficiently.

Below is the first part of our Ultimate Time-Saving Tips for Gardeners series. Check out these practical tips from OrganicGardening.com now so you can really make the most of your time in the garden!

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8 Time-Saving Garden Tips

1. Start with a Plan
A well-thought-out plan saves you time spent trying to decide where you want each plant to go during the few hours you have to work outside. Be even more productive by deciding now what to put in later to replace short-lived plants like lettuce and spinach.

2. Make Quick Beds
Create a new perennial garden simply by slicing under turf with a spade, flipping it upside down, and then covering the area with 3 to 4 inches of wood chips. Wait a few weeks and then cut into it and plant your perennials.

3. Cut Off Weeds
When low-growing weeds like chickweed or lamium grow into a mat, don’t bother trying to get rid of them one at a time. Instead, use the “shovel method.” With a sharp spade, slice beneath weeds, and then turn them over to completely bury the leaves. As the leaves rot, the weeds nourish the soil like a green manure.

4. Pile on Mulch
Use a bow or flat-head rake to spread mulch efficiently. With the rake’s tined edge, you pull and spread the mulch, and with the flat side of the rake, you even out the mulch on the bed. Use a light push-pull action.

5. Water Wisely
Soaker hoses save you the time of standing with a hose or refilling a watering can. With pressure on low, the water can be left on for several hours while a section of the garden is slowly irrigated, freeing you to work on something else. Just keep in mind that tender seedlings still need to be hand-watered.

6. Wash the Harvest
Collect your produce in an old laundry basket. The basket acts as a strainer, allowing you to quickly rinse off dirt and debris from veggies and fruits.

7. Keep Your Shoes On
Stash plastic grocery bags by the door to cover your muddy shoes in case you have to go inside before you are through gardening for the day.

8. Take Baby Steps
Every minute is valuable when you’re pressed for time. Take a few moments when you have them so chores don’t pile up for the weekend. For instance, pluck a few weeds while waiting for the dog to finish his business outside or deadhead flowers while you’re waiting for the school bus to drop off the kids.

Article Source: Organic Gardening