6 Easy Tips for Growing Herbs Indoors

Having an indoor herb garden is very beneficial, especially if you love to cook. Getting instant access to fresh herbs in your kitchen makes cooking easier, and also makes your food taste even better!

For these reasons, lots of people are starting to grow herbs at home. Herb gardens are now becoming a trend in many household kitchens. So if you want to give indoor herb gardening a try, then be sure to follow these simple tips from Purely Elizabeth so your plants will grow healthy and strong!

How to Grow Herbs Indoors

1. Make sure you have a sunny spot in your home. Five hours of sunlight is optimal for healthy and thriving herbs, so a south or southeast-facing window is best.

2. Research your herbs. You have two options with indoor growing – starting from scratch with seeds or purchasing pre-sprouted potted plants. Stores offer heirloom seed kits to get you started that have hand-picked, easy-to-grow seeds such as basil, mint and thyme.

3. Buy the right pots. The most important thing when selecting pots is to take into consideration size and drainage capabilities. Make sure your pots are at least 6 inches deep for optimal growing.

And while most herbs like to be well watered, it’s important that they’re not overwatered and that excess has a way to escape. Choose pots with holes in the bottom and consider mounting them on raised plates.

4. Get started with potting mix. Use a potting mix to plant your herbs, and then create your own compost to use as fertilizer every month. Compost is rich in nutrients and a much better use of your food scraps than the garbage can!

5. Label, label, label. It’s easy to forget what’s what, especially in the early phases of sprouting, and labeling provides a cute and easy way to remember.

6. Water, nurture and love. Make sure to water daily, rotate plants to evenly distribute sunlight, and be patient. Wait for your plants to reach 6-8 inches before harvesting any leaves, then enjoy your home-grown herbs!

Article Source: Purely Elizabeth