Tomato 101: Some Fun Facts About the World’s Most Popular Fruit

Tomatoes are great because they’re don’t just make our favorite foods tastier, but they also make us much healthier with all the health benefits they bring. They’re full of nutrients like lycopene, which can fight cancer-causing agents in the body.

But aside from the health benefits, how much do we really know about tomatoes? Tomatoes actually have a long and interesting history. The fruit was first used by the Aztecs and other Mesoamericans even before 500 BC, and then it eventually gained recognition in Spain, Italy, Britain and the rest of the world. Tomatoes are now known as the world’s most popular fruit, that’s why you can find them on many home gardens today.

Here’s another fun fact: The first genetically-modified food was actually a tomato. It was the variety called “Flavr Savr,” and it was specifically engineered to have a longer shelf life. Most of the commercial tomatoes available today have been picked early and ripened using ethylene. While this chemical compound can prolong the shelf life of tomatoes, it definitely has a negative impact on the overall taste and texture.

So if you love your tomatoes, it’s always advisable to grow your own. Heirloom tomatoes are popular nowadays because they’re free from chemical toxins and genetic modification. Be sure to try heirloom varieties for the best flavors and health benefits!

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