How NOT to Prune Trees: Top 7 Pruning Mistakes to Avoid

How NOT to Prune Trees: Top 7 Pruning Mistakes to Avoid

Got some lovely trees at home? Maybe it’s time to prune them once again! There are plenty of good reasons why you should prune your trees regularly. First of all, pruning helps strengthen a tree’s branching structures so that it can carry heavier loads of fruits.

Secondly, it ensures that your trees will produce high-quality fruits each and every year. Thirdly, it helps your trees to fully develop and live longer for years.

As you can see, pruning is a very important gardening practice to do regularly. Unfortunately, many people just do it without knowing the proper technique—and this only leads to severely damaged trees. It really pays to know the common pruning mistakes so you can keep your trees in top shape.

Go ahead and read these top 7 pruning mistakes below and remember them the next time you prune your garden trees. Feel free to share this infographic online by clicking on the social buttons now!

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