Top Tips for Growing Larger Sweet Onions in the Garden

Sweet onions come in small or average sizes as what you normally see in the grocery store. If you want bigger ones but can’t find any, the best thing to do is to start growing your own large organic onions at home!

This way, you can have all the large sweet onions you want plus you can guarantee their organic quality since you’re growing them yourself. To get you started with onion growing, here are a few things to remember.

First of all, you have to plant the onions during spring season. This is the perfect time for sweet onions to really grow well. If you’re going to plant them during the later months, you might have a hard time because a lot of extra tasks need to be done accordingly—so it is best to follow the right season when it comes to growing bigger sweet onions.

Next, try adding some bone meal into the soil. Bone meal is a nutritious type of fertilizer that allows sweet onions to grow as big as you see them in your local market. Simply mix the bone meal along with some good compost for maximum benefit.

To know more about planting larger sweet onions, go ahead and view this useful video from Essortment.

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Video Source: Essortment YouTube Channel