The Truth About Fruit Stickers

Ever wonder what those stickers on various fruits mean? Many people don’t know this, but the stickers will tell you exactly what your fruits are made of.

The stickers actually contain PLU (price look-up) codes that reveal whether a fruit is conventional, organic or genetically modified.

Codes on conventionally-grown produce have a total of 4 digits that begin with 3 or 4. These conventional fruits have been grown with the use of pesticides and other harmful chemicals. They’re not completely guaranteed safe to eat, so it’s best to avoid them for the sake of your health.

Genetically-modified fruits (GMO) have 5-digit codes that start with 8. GMOs are the worst kind of produce you can possibly buy because their DNA are genetically engineered to make them more immune to pesticides. Because of the constant alterations in the genes, there’s a higher risk of health problems especially when you consume GMO crops in the long run.

Lastly, fruit stickers that begin with 9 and have 5 digits are organically-grown and not genetically modified. This means the fruits are grown through the most natural means, without genetic engineering and exposure to any kind of pesticides. Food and health experts highly recommend organic produce for their fresh, safe and healthy qualities.

Now that you know more about these PLU codes and their corresponding meanings, you can easily choose the right fruits to buy and avoid the unsafe ones. For more details, check out this Foolish Fire’s helpful illustration below. You may also share it online by clicking the social buttons on this page!

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