5 Ultimate Tips on How to Start Seeds Indoors

There are certain processes to growing your own vegetable garden. Vegetables such as carrots and radishes prefer to be grown directly outdoors. While others, such as onions and beets, are better suited for indoor growing first before being transplanted to the outside environment.

To successfully raise your seedlings indoors, check out these useful tips below:

1. Use a good-quality kind of soil. It must be fine and moist to prevent your vegetable seedlings from drying out. Plant the seeds at least 1/2 deep in a container and cover them with high-quality, organic soil. Then water  moderately to keep them moistened.

2. Look for an area where there’s warmth. The vegetable seeds need some shade for their germination period. Use a thermometer to locate which part in your house has the best warmth that’s required for the growth of those seeds.

3. Provide good natural light for the seedlings once they have emerged. Putting them by the windowsill is discouraged because it doesn’t give enough light compared outdoors. This situation may be hard for the seedlings to recover if they grow badly.

4. Start seeds at the right time. It’s best to know about the right weather conditions and seasons in growing your plants. You can search online or download a free planting guide so you can start planning ahead of time.

5. Sow in batches every couple of weeks. There are factors that affect the success of your gardening, as such pests and weather conditions. There’s a tendency that your plants may die in an instant if these unfortunate things happen. So if you don’t want to waste your time and effort, it’s best to sow your plants in batches.

Watch GrowVeg‘s 4-minute video for more details and tips.

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Video Source: GrowVeg YouTube Channel