Tree Watering Guide: 12 Tips to Watering Your Trees During a Drought

Like any other plants, trees also need water to keep themselves alive especially during hot days. So how can you help your trees survive this kind of situation?

Check out these good tips now!

Water your trees moderately. Excess water may drown your trees, while lack of water may not help your trees to grow fully. So during a drought, give them at least 5 gallons of water.

Add some mulch to the trees. This will help lower the soil temperature during during the hot season. This will also help reduce water evaporation.

Conserve and recycle water. It’s always best to conserve water whenever possible. You can do this by converting your current irrigation system to drip, low-flow or micro sprays. You can reuse the collected water from your air conditioning and dehumidifier as well.

For more tips on keeping your trees healthy during a drought, please refer to this infographic shown below.

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