Wanna Know Your Soil’s Current Condition? Use Your Weeds as Indicators

Did you guys know that weeds can actually reveal your soil’s current condition?

Weeds may be a nuisance for home gardeners, but they do have some unexpected benefits when it comes to determining soil quality. Apparently, certain weeds can serve as indicators about the current state of your garden soil.

The mere appearance of these weeds in your garden can indicate whether your soil is acidic, less acidic, compacted, dry, infertile, moist, or simply poorly drained. So the next time you see some bothersome weeds among your plants and vegetables, try to identify them first before getting rid of them. They’re probably just trying to tell you what type of care and attention your soil needs.

To find out which specific weeds you can use as indicators, please refer to this handy infographic from the University of Illinois Extension. Don’t forget to share it on your favorite social networks today!

Image Source: University of Illinois Extension