Wine Bottle Watering System: How to Use Wine Bottles to Water Your Plants

Every gardener knows that watering plants is just as essential as using the right garden soil and planting the right seeds. Plants need water so they can create food through photosynthesis. Without it, they pretty much die quickly.

Sure, you can install sprinkler systems or use a traditional sprayer for your plants, but those options often require more time and effort. But don’t worry, there is a watering method that doesn’t need much attention from you!

This particular watering system uses a typical wine bottle. The idea is to get a wine bottle and fill it up with water. Then, you simply “plant” the wine bottle upside down so that water can pass smoothly.

The beauty of this technique is that it can water your plants at an efficient rate, and it doesn’t even take too much of your time. Learn how to do this DIY wine bottle watering system by watching this special video by Douglas Welch.

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Video Source: Douglas Welch’s YouTube Channel